Monday, August 24, 2009

Paint and Take!

Desi and I painted these mini's at Gen Con and brought them home as souvenirs.


From the Schedule
Gen Con LLC
Free Miniatures Paint & Take!
Try your hand at painting minis! We have everything you need, including basic instruction, to help you release your inner artist. We make it easy! Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a certain color? Sign up for a seat onsite only! The hardest part is choosing from the dozens of manufacturers who contribute to this popular event! Use your masterpiece in your next RPG or show it off to your friends and and tell them – I did it at the Paint & Take!
Our Take

Thank you to Gen Con and sponsors of this event. It was a really wonderful thing for my wife and I to do together. We each selected minis that could represent characters we played at the convention. Having these minis as souvenirs is a really tangible memory of the fun we had. We got our mini's on Sunday, the last day of the convention, and even though they must have been running low by that point we had a decent selection. Sunday was family day and they had a special table set up for people who had got in free, and families were taking advantage of it. It was really nice to see how well this was handled. Paying conventioneers had more spots and so the booth was able to accommodate more ticket holders than family day visitors, but still the visitors were provided the opportunity to get their free mini's too. Class act on the part of Gen Con.

Speial thanks to Reaper for supplying the paints, and to all the other sponsors who provided materials to make this event happen. Please let me know who all provided mini's so I can give credit.

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