Monday, August 17, 2009

Free Beer by Sony

Craig Dalrymple and fans of Everquest

Thursday night was the Sony Online Entertainment Party. My friend from gaming in Kalamazoo, Craig Dalrymple works as the Senior Community Relations Managerg for Sony Online Entertainment. I think he specifically mainly works on Everquest, the MMORPG. There was food, open bar, and loads of Sony shwag. I got a couple T-shirts, a couple bags, and a couple nice leather cover note books. A costumed collegue of Craig's wandered around and interacted with the crowd. Whhat struck me about the whole affair, apart from the serious hangover the following day, was how this party is a nice little perk for fans of the game. It was not a thing for big important industry people, it was for people who play the game. They tend to be people who would like to come to Gen Con, so it seems like a good place to throw this party. So, good on Sony for treating fans at Gen Con well.

I'm not sure I should thank Craig for getting me loaded early on at Gen Con. Friday was kinda rough.
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