Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gen Con: Wednesday, Registration

Registration: Get badge if you don't already have one. Then, get shwag bag. That's a separate line. You get a plastic bag that has a few (scant this year apparently) goodies. You can also get a badge holder and lanyard too. It's pretty colors. Then, pick up program book. They're laying around everywhere in the registration area.

When you've looked through the book a little bit to get the feel for the layout and how it works, get in line for event registration. If you just want generic tickets, that's a separate (and shorter) line. The event registration line was about an hour long for us on Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30. Okay, so while you're in line you have time to either find the games you planned to do earlier but for which you missed online registration, or you can find stuff to sign up for while you're in line. At some point you will get to a table with registration slips and little pencils. You fill out the game number/code and how many tickets you want. You only need one ticket per person, per pre-registered events. Generic tickets can be bought from this line too, and you will need as many generic tickets as the "cost" of the event, divided by two. Generic tickets are $2 each.

We moved on to a pick-up game of Pathfinder Society at a nearby hotel in the evening. It was good to get an extra organized play event in before the next days' official events.

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