Sunday, August 02, 2009

Getting Very Portable.

This Acer notebook goes by AOA110-1995 but also by ZG5 on the box. I got one today for blogging on the go. I've been half-looking for a notebook for a while, but on the spur of the moment at the computer store down the street I decided to pick one up. I'm making this post from it right now.

This model isn't the newest and I paid maybe $50 too much for it as convenience tax, but after playing with it all day and getting it set up to suit my tastes I'm loving it, and would get another in this line again, or if I could get a good deal I'd pick another one if I needed to pick one up for an employee.

These ultra-portable devices are really where it's at. Although they don't have the power you might need for editing large video projects or playing graphic intensive anything, they're certainly a suitable fit for the one-the-go new media professional. They're also good to have in the living room for when you get a powerful need to Google.

I'm including this in my list of devices which will comprise the ultimate portable, new-media kit. The kit I'm building includes a notebook computer, a Flip video camera, a digital still camera (TBD) , a light of some kind, a Joby tripod, ear buds and a USB microphone. With this kit a blogger can pretty much do it all, and if you throw in a MyFi 2200 you can do it anywhere.

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