Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Video Equipment

In a recent Twitter post I mentioned I spent some money on video equipment. I was first inspired to buy the Panasonic TM300 because of Roger Chang's recommendation on Tekzilla. I was convinced after watching this one particular video on YouTube.

Here are the lists, starting with what you can get from Amazon. I have an Amazon Prime trial membership right now and tried to get as much as I could there.
There were still two pieces missing, as far as I was concerned. First, the mic and light would be fine on the camera by themselves, but I was worried that both together would put a strain on the camera. The Bracket1 system seemed the right thing to get. B&H carries them.

    A good camera's image can be ruined by stray light scattering across the lens. For that you need a matte box with french flag. I found a good one, cheap, but was suspicious of the vendor you have to go through to get it until I saw this review of the unit.

    I bought it straight from the The Cine City web site ( SUNSHADE MATTEBOX WITH FRENCH FLAG (For all DVand HDVcameras)

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