Sunday, May 15, 2011

UPS Suck Becomes Endemic

I couple days ago I mentioned that UPS Has Some Sucky Drivers and that's true, but it turns out that the company kind of sucks too. Precisely, it has one sucky policy.

When the Joby Gorillapod finally showed up, both packages were delivered, the replacement order and the original both. So, although I could have kept it and nobody would have been the wiser, the right thing to do was return it to Amazon. When I took the return to UPS to send it back to Amazon the clerk at the UPS office asks me, "Do you have tape?" I say, "no" and she tells me that it will cost a dollar to have them tape it up. Seriously? UPS can't afford to take half a second and a couple feet of clear packing tape and just do that for customers as a courtesy? Really? UPS, you suck.

So it cost me not only the time and trouble of a trip to the UPS store to do the right thing, but also a dollar. Does it ever pay to do the right thing when corporations are involved, or should I just say, "screw 'em" and keep the extra $60 order next time?

I guess Amazon needs to strike a deal with UPS to include packing tape service with their

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