Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Air Conditioner Window Mount

Portable air conditioner for our 3rd floor/finished attic.

We've had this portable air conditioner for a number of years, and for years I've been trying half baked ideas for overcoming some of the challenges it presents. One such challenge is to mount the ducts to vent air outside. The idea has been to replace the screen in the window with something that holds the vents securely but lets the light in. Last year I just put up a sheet of plexiglass and held it in place with silicone. It was ugly. So I'm building window mount from wood with a plexiglass window (recycled from last year's project).

Once again Adobe Ideas on the iPad serves as a great application for drawing up plans.

Got the materials at Menards and wound up buying a bundle of 50 pieces of lath and a 4'x4' sheet of 1/4" birch ply.


Mark Kimsal said...

You could also try piggy backing the A/C exhaust to any available dryer exhaust duct.

kwixson said...

I wish I could, and that's a good idea for people who are looking for that sort of alternative. However, there are only two vents on the 3rd floor (attic) -- one in actual stairs and one near a doorway. I have to vent outside, and unless I want to cut a hole in the roof I have to go out the window.