Friday, February 19, 2010

Web Design: Twitter Background

Day 5/150

Web site design can be boiled down to basic elements. It's a little too elementary to say that a web design can be reduced to background, masthead, navigation and typography, but it certainly is a good first-order starting point.

As an elemental property of web design, a good focus for study in web design is the subject of backgrounds. For some applications, especially social media web sites, customization is quite limited, but often one of the changes you can make is to the background.

There are quite a few online tutorials about creating web site backgrounds. One roundup I looked at today have 40 different tutorials listed.

I chose the Quickly Build an Abstract Background of Colored Bars article. I wanted to create a new background for my Twitter page. To accommodate tiling, I applied the motion blur effect several times to ensure the streaks went all the way across the image and stopped following the steps after applying an enhancement, which in my case was a hue/saturation layer. My result:

I used a 1024x768 document size, but the one that Rachel Maddow uses on her Twitter page is made at 1348x200 pixels. 

The "150 Days" series is a post-per-day review of design topics to help me brush up on skills and become a better designer and new media producer as part of my career reboot. 

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