Thursday, June 02, 2011

Goddamned Thief

Well, this is a RepRap project update, even though it's not technical or even very informative. There will be a brief delay with the project kick-off. I was all set to start today. I've been working hard to get the other project finished and cleaned up. Went down to get the video equipment all set up this afternoon and realized my second video camera was missing. Then I realized it had been left in the room from which my wife's iPad was stolen last week. Putting two and two together, the camera bag I'd taken up north to a weekend outting, which I now clearly recall bringing into the house and leaving in the dining room, is also missing and was stolen. In just that one little bag, over $2,200 of equipment was carried away. Gah!

Fortunately I think I have found an exact match for the missing camera. That's good, because otherwise I would have to replace two cameras and not just one. The replacement, however, is not due for delivery until June 8th. So, while I might try to limp along a little with just one camera, until the second one arrives (and here's hoping it really is a legit offer and not a gray market or used camera being sold as new) I won't be fully operational.

Goddamned thief. Goddamned by-the-week, seedy hotel down the block, which attracts these bastards to my neighborhood. I'm getting really pissed off now. Some security-related projects (can you say video surveillance) is in my future, I think.

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