Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Loot! The Gen Con 2012 Report

For some reason I posted this to Facebook last year, but it didn't make it to the blog. 


1. Cyberpunk Chrome rulebook (won at Basic D&D event)
2. Paranoia Big Book of Bots (bought for $1 as they were closing up)
3. Starfleet Academy fiction (won at Paranoia Trek event)
4. Kevin's d6 dice for Shadowrun
5. Dust Tactics Terrain Tile Set
6. Chessex Megamat, factory second (grid not aligned to edges)
7. Shadowrun T-shirt (we each got one)
8. Shadowrun: Runner's Black Book (signed by author)
9. Shadowrun: Core Rulebook
10. Shadowrun: Aresenal
11. Shadowrun: Street Magic
A. Gen Con 2012 t-shirts (Desi got hers, mine had to be ordered.)
B. "Cupcakes: They're what our brains taste like to zombies!" t-shirt for Desi
C. Cyberpunk hat for Desi
D. Dust Tactics expansions: Luther medium Panzer walker, Hot Dog medium assault walker, Laser Grenadiers squad, Red Devils squad.
E. Monsterpocalypse boosters (monsters and units, 4 each, I Chomp NY and Rise)
F. Battletech reference tables assortment
G. Hirst Arts molds (10)
H. Shadowrunner's Toolkit
I. Call of Cthulu Roleplaying Game (published 1999; Desi won for best roleplaying)
J. Call of Cthulu LCG (living card game)
K. Dice from a random pitcher scoop (388 dice)
L. "True Dungeon Survivor" pin
M. Red, small, d6's for Shadowrun
N. Cthulu LCG expansion packs (2)
O. Pathfinder Minitures Black Dragon (the only thing I got at the Paizo booth)
P. Commemorative Gen Con 2012 dice set (Desi had to run to get them, two sets)
Q. Shadowrun dice for Desi
R. D&D Minis assortment from Cool Stuff Inc.
S. Industrial strength superglue
T. Dice bags for Desi (one for Shadowrun d6's, one for general dice)
U. Wrap around skirt for Desi
V. Rose tinted round glasses for Kevin's cyberpunk costume
W. Battletech minis from Iron Wind Metals
X. Shadowrun Doc Wagon T-shirt for Desi
Y. True Dungeon tokens
Z. Battletech terrain tiles, Cities and Roads & Lakes and Rivers

Facebook Post

Got back from Gen Con 2012 yesterday and today shot the picture of the treasure hoard we hauled home. Gen Con was a lot of fun this year, in spite of Desi having and giving me a cold!

In summary: we survived the Wed. event/day I planned relatively unscathed, played the Shadowrun intro (great!), then "You Too Can Cathulu" (Desi won book for best roleplaying), Paranoia Trek XI: Reboot to the Head! (sang Journey song sock puppet karaoke as Lt. Warf), Dust Tactics (learned a bit), Pathfinder Society Special (kinda sucked), Vampire the Masquerade (Desi walked out, almost wished I had), Basic D&D in a monk brewery taken over by frog-people (fun!), True Dungeon (a lot of fun, but too expensive), and on our last day we went back for some more Shadowrun. It's our new favorite game. The GM we had was just awesome.

Glad we're home. Both rested up today and good to go. Thanks to Liz McKenna and Susan Faragher Bannon for their help with the pets while we were gone.

Hirst Arts

53, 60, 65, 66, 202, 250, 270, 300, 320, 321

Dice scoop

d20: 114
d12: 50
d10: 115 (1/10:96/18)
d8: 35
d6: 64
d4: 10

D&D Minis

Taer x3
Standard bearer
Medium Silver Deagon
Dire ape
Agent Cacalry
Bullywug Thug
Guard of Mithral Hall
Displacer Serpent


Chevalier Light Tank
Davion Infantry
Innersphere Battle Armor
Madcat II
Night Wolf Mech
Dragon Fire
CPLT-C4 Catapult
Uziel Mech
Rommel/Patton Tank
KGC-000 King Crab
Condor Hvy Hover Tank

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