Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Hains" Prusa Mendel RepRap: Goes On a Field Trip

The "Hains" got let out of the house for the first time last Saturday when we attended a meeting of RepRap enthusiasts and makers at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. That's me stalking around in black, and the "Hains" is there on the table being inspected on the left by the machine's namesake herself. New member Chris is there on the left next to the pizza. In all we had nine people at the meeting. Quite the turnout!

Alan Hollaway (on the right) organized the meeting through the RepRap Michigan Google Group and through the Kalamazoo Maker's Guild Meetup Group. I thought he was so good at putting this meeting together I made him an assistant organizer for the Meetup group. Kyle Mendez (center) wants to build a RepRap the size of a room. John de Longpre (on the left) came down from Grand Rapids and these are his pictures. 

Dean Piper (on the right) also brought his machine. He's sporting a new MakerGear Plastruder and a custom heated print bed under glass. He hooked up to the projector and gave everyone a demonstration of printing and the software.

I printed a whistle (which didn't turn out great and broke) and Dean printed a RepRap Merit Badge.

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