Tuesday, August 09, 2011

GenCon 2011: Pile of Awesome

As you can see by our awesome pile of loot, we totally Greyhawk'ed GenCon this year. Yeah, we went a little overboard, but it was just too much fun.

(photo from blondeswan.com)

Some of the best stuff isn't pictured though, including Desi's new leather corset, her fancy new steampunk hat (purple suede with feathers) on order, my red suede fez hat with gold tassel on order, her super-fancy steam punk pocket watch, and a Randovan character Pathfinder metal miniature I got free at the Paizo booth. Oh! And the two minis Desi and I got in the Paint & Take event.

The lady above bought this hat out from under Desi. I found her wandering around the exhibit hall the next day, and I talked to her. I told her about Desi and she told me she'd seen the hat the day before she bought it and initially passed it up because of the price. Then the next day she said to herself, "Screw it, I'm on vacation," and bought her whole outfit. So Desi had to order it. Desi's hat is also from the Blonde Swan.

List of Loot from the Pile of Awesome 2011
1.) Case of Lords of Madness D&D minis (8 boxes)
2.) D&D Beholder collector set
3.) DUST Tactics Core Set (game)
4.) A Game of Thrones Card Game
5.) Lays (2): free at FUDGE game*
6.) Chessex clear vinyl map matt 23x25" w/ 1" grid
7.) Chessex clear vinyl map matt 35x46" w 1" hex **
8.) Q-Workshop dice cup, red leather w/ dragon
9.) Six Castle Molds molds: #164, #84, #64, #87, #66, #83
10.) Leather bullwhip with belt holster
11.) Large hard leather clip-on belt pouch
12.) Battletech RPG core rule book
13.) Battletech introductory box set
14.) Q-Workshop red Celtic dice set
15.) Q-Workshop Pathfinder Chronicles Rise of the Runelords dice set
16.) Q-Workshop fudge dice, two sets, white and black
17.) Q-Workshop steam punk d20 and d6
18.) FUDGE dice, two sets, red and black
19.) Monsterpocalypse (game)
20.) Monsterpocalypse map pack
21.) Random pitcher full of dice w/ yield of 427 dice (breakdown below)
22.) Random cup full of dice w/ yield of 62 dice (breakdown below)
23.) Assorted individual D&D minis (breakdown below)
24.) Privateer Press bandannas, two black, two pink
25.) DDM guild mini boosters for Kevin and Desi (breakdown below)
26.) DDM guild minis from wins: Astral Giant, Giant Centede
27.) Assorted Paizo game books and accessories (breakdown below)
28.) Paizo subscription books I picked up at GenCon (breakdown below)
29.) GenCon 2011 messenger bag
30.) GenCon 2011 blue dragon T-shirt
31.) GenCon 2011 release your inner gamer T-shirt
32.) GenCon 2011 sweat jacket
33.) GenCon 2011 commemorative dice set
34.) Paizo goblin T-shirt
35.) Prince of Wolves Pathfinder Tales novel I won at Pathfinder Society
36.) Cathedral flip mat Desi won at Pathfinder Society
37.) Song of Ice and Fire RPG GM screen
38.) Paranoia: Internal Security, Flashbacks Redux, module***
36.) Rift game from shwag
37.) Magic cards pack from shwag

* I played Mouth of Milu FUDGE module this year and it was a Hawaii themed adventure. The GM had the table decked out as a Tiki bar. Was sweet!

** Disappointed because this one was supposed to be clear. Have emailed Chessex to see if I can get the real deal. UPDATE: Their response: "What's your address. I'll ship you one." Sweet!

*** A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Termination Booth

Random pitcher full of dice:
115 d20
102 d6
68 d8
88 d10 (18 d100)
19 d12
35 d4

Random coffee cup full of dice:
16 d20
15 d6
6 d4
5 d8
2 d12
18 d10 (4 d100)

Assorted individual minis:
Cloud Giant
Eldrich Giant
Fiendish Spider
Tundra Scout

Assorted Paizo game books and accessories:
Area of Effect Templates Miniatures Skirmish Package
Princes of Darkness
Seekers of Secrets
Friends & Foes face cards
Urban NPC's face cards

Paizo subscription books I picked up at GenCon:
Pathfinder Society Field Guide
Goblins of Golarion
Inner Sea Magic
AP #48: Carrion Crown, Shadows of Gallowspire
AP #49: Jade Regent, The Brinewall Legacy
Ultimate Combat (signed!)

Kevin's DDM Booster:
Dutybound Paladin
Stealth Mage
Master Shadowdancer
Human Fighter Lord
Mire Hound
(white d20 and line of sight extender)

Desi's DDM Booster:
Ragnara, Ethereal Hunter
Warforged Juggernaut
High Cleric of Sune
Rot Grub Swarm
(white d20 and line of sight extender)

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