Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plastic Parts Purchased

The project has begun in earnest. Tonight I completed the checkout process on an eBay item with the following description:
RepRap Prusa Mendel with Wade Extruder - SAE + EXTRAS!!
This is a complete set of all the Prusa Mendel printed parts with the Wade's Extruder.  This set uses SAE nuts and bolts instead of metric so they are cheaper and easier to buy anywhere in the USA.   
Everything was printed off of my Makerbot Thing-O-Matic,  These still need to be reamed, but are extremely clean and very high quality (go check out some of the other Prusa's on E-bay, not very good quality!) pieces made from strong ABS Plastic.  For more information and assembly instructions see or 
Please e-mail me with any questions. 
I will ship this with either the bushing holders for the store bought bushings or a set of Printed Bushings printed out of ABS Plastic (Sorry, I'm out of PLA for now).  Let me know which you want or if you want them both I can throw them both in. 
This set also includes a full build instruction manual to walk you step by step through the build process of your prusa mendel.  I will also include a Parts list of all the other parts needed with their part numbers and the suppliers.
Seller info: 
elderfarrer2hy7 ( 82)  
100% Positive feedback
The total price, shipped to my door: $102.55

The seller is located in Idaho. I was hoping to find a Michigan supplier so I could pick up the parts in person and maybe see a demonstration of a working unit. Although I have had good luck finding help and people in Michigan (and Chicago) who are working on building Mendels, nobody had any parts to sell and nobody has yet been able to tell me they have a working unit. Mostly they are like the above seller who have started with Makerbot Thing-o-matics or the like.

I'm really looking forward to getting started. The parts list with supplier information will be handy and was a selling point for this eBay listing.

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