Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Principals of Design: Introduction

Day 16/150

Graphic design is primarily concerned with making decisions about elements within a layout, a predefined visual space within which information is presented. Typically the primary components, the information, has been determined before the graphic designer begins to work. Working within those constraints, the graphic designer utilizes a basic visual grammar to relate, enhance, organize and prioritize a message. A graphic designer's art is the functional equivalent of body language, and is similarly important to successful communication.

The principals of design are an accounting of the basic terms and definitions of the visual grammar of a graphic designer. Placement, grouping, division, color, typography, harmony, balance, contrast: these are some of the essential considerations of a graphic designer. Design by itself means "on purpose", the result of decision. Graphic design is the purposeful consideration and deliberate application of the principals of design to information in a layout.

The "150 Days" series is a post-per-day review of design topics to help me brush up on skills and become a better designer and new media producer as part of my career reboot.

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